“I have asked Shashi to give a guest lecture about Outsourcing to more than 150  students from the Rotterdam University of applied sciences (HES). Shashi shared his extensive project experience with the students and gave an very attractive and fascinating guest lecture. Key words: authentic, involvement, motivating and stimulating.”

–              Matthijs Glerum, Senior Lecturer Rotterdam University of applied sciences

 “A very positive mentality, cheerful even, combined with a great drive and lots of energy, topped of with meticulous attention to detail. I’ve worked with dozens of project managers.  Only two were able to excel in the complex, tense, slow, and sometimes even hostile environment of a telecoms operator. Shashi is one of them. I highly recommend him.”

–              Onno ter Wisscha, Technology Advisor and Trendwatcher, KPN Innovation

“I hired Shashi Consulting for my Department Project Management Office as management consultant for a short, intensive assignment. Shashi conducted an audit which resulted in a clear picture of the project management maturity level of our department. Based on the outcomes of the audit, he delivered independent, practical and quickly applicable advice. No vague, theoretical reports.

Thanks to his advice, I now have a clear view where we currently are and where our future growth can be, including the way we can achieve our growth. Within a very short timeframe, he also has built good working relationships with many colleagues within Telesur. The value Shashi delivers does not limit itself to his expertise in project management, but extends to marketing and telecommunications as well. He is a true global consultant, who will be of value to his clients through his knowledge and his adaptability.

Hiring Shashi Consulting is rather expensive, and I eventually agreed to our cooperation. Now I that I’ve experienced that he truly delivers superb value in terms of the quality of his work, quickly responds to changes and really puts his client first, my investment is more than justified.”

–              Robert Hahn, Manager Project Management Office, Telesur

“I asked Shashi to help and coach me in my new role as project manager. Firstly, I asked him to educate me about theories regarding some elements in the role of a project manager. Secondly, I asked Shashi to provide me with feedback based on real situations, which I introduced myself as case studies. During these sessions, I became more aware of my role and responsibilities as project manager.

For me, the greatest benefit of the coaching sessions are the tools I received in order to influence my environment. The effectiveness of the tools from the coaching sessions proved their worth in practical situations. Overall, the coaching content was tailored to my specific needs. The result is a clear added value in my performance for my clients. In my experience, Shashi is very professional in his communication and in fulfilling his commitments. I find his coaching to be very useful and instructive. For these reasons, I can warmly recommend Shashi Consulting for coaching and guiding project managers.”

–              Gert-Jan Pouwels, Project Manager , Finext Projectbeheersing

“The past few years I worked in a very pleasant way with Shashi at KPN on various Projects. I have to say that our co-operation was performing well, which can be explained by the “human approach” of Shashi. When he knows you’re committed, he will trust and accept your output and deliverables. I think this is an approach which will appreciate a lot of people working in Projects, because this is not exactly a common way-of-working. I hereby recommend Shashi to any organisation which needs a professional, human interested Projectmanager.”

–              Paul Kolhorn , Business Consultant,  KPN Mobile

“Shashi worked to our full satisfaction and has proven to be a very skilled educator. An education through Shashi Consulting requires a significant investment, but is worth every cent considering the value and content of the education.

The quality of the education is similar to large consultancy firms. Moreover, the education is completely customized, to the needs and learning goals of our organization. The high degree of interaction and practical exercises, ensures that the content is well absorbed by the trainees, and is directly applicable in the work environment. As a result, the immediate value of the education increases. The trainees rated the education with a 8.5 out of 10!”

–              Arnoud Munneke , Chief Operational Officer,  VANAD Group

“Shashi is a triple A high class project manager. He provides thorough and solid work. He is also innovative and progressive. He pierces through complexity and makes it amazingly simple. He can distinguish between main and side issues, but also has an eye for details. Is friendly and interested in colleagues but also reminds all “layers” of the organizations of their responsibilities. He makes sure everyone in the project contributes to his best possibilities. He gets results and happy customers. ”

–              Daniëlle Koens , Manager New Business,  KPN Mobile

“If you’re looking for a great project manager; you’re probably eager to have a PM who is not a  ‘yes-sir’-guy but presents you a balanced overview of the best possible solutions. You probably want a PM who is really involved and works his ass off like it is his own company. And you probably want a PM who has great interpersonal skills to align all parties within your organization and is just good-old-fun to work with. Well, in that case you are probably looking for Shashi. “

–              Thomas van Ardenne , Customer Experience Marketeer,  KPN Mobile


“Mr Shashi is an excellent project manager with the ability to fulfill the project goals without losing the interests of the business owner in close harmony with his team members by using the soft and fact based project management skills at the right moment. By doing so, he gets the job done.

He was responsible during 1 year for some crucial business projects in my theme Next Generation. His main focus during that year was mainly the development of the first apps for the different Mobile consumer brands. Notwithstanding the timelines given by the business and the many business desires, he got the job done. We launched the apps and got excellent ratings for the apps.  As theme leader innovation, it was an honor to get him in my team.”

–              Peter Rogier , Theme Manager Next Generation,  KPN Mobile

“Mr. Shashi Baidjoe worked as project manager from January 1st, 2011 until June 30th, 2012 at KPN Mobile Innovation. Shashi delivered major projects to full customer satisfaction. He completed projects within time, budget and with high quality in a politically, complex environment. Shashi is very results-oriented, structured, a self-starter, demonstrates enormous commitment by ownership, feels very responsible and is clear in his communication. Moreover, he establishes contacts with all levels within KPN and thus obtains much support, which increases his effectiveness to the end result. Finally, Shashi is asked by younger colleagues to act as a coach.

For the above reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend  Shashi Baidjoe as project manager and consultant for your organization. ”

–              Frank Veldhuizen, Business Manager Programma Mobile,  KPN

“Shashi is allergic to people how don’t give their heart and soul into their jobs. He always does himself. Shashi can be dead serious and relaxed at the same time, is socially engaged, and acts as a motivator to project members to deliver on time, but always with high quality deliverables as the standard. Leading complex projects with many stakeholders is no big deal for him, as he is able to interact with higher Management and at the same time able to deep dive technical issues with developers. As you can imagine, I can highly recommend Shashi for technically challenging projects within a commercial environment.

Don’t put him on internal, non-customer centric projects; he will die inside…”

–              Paul Selten, Innovation Consultant Mobile,  KPN

“Shashi is a “must have” for each decision maker that wants to initiate and manage complex projects; he combines intellectual power with positive drive and the ability to communicate with all levels in the organization. He is a real change ambassador and the best project manager I have ever worked with.”

–              Marc Ouwehand, Manager Project Management, Achmea

“In his role as Business Project Manager for the KPN Mobile Apps project, Shashi has been overall responsible for design, delivery and implementation of MijnKPN and MijnHi mobile apps (Android, iphone and ipad) and the mobile site for MijnHi from summer ’11 to summer ’12. Although formally my client, in my role as IT Project Manager Shashi invested significantly in partnering up with me and my team. He made us excel by his unique management style in which he combines trust/ encouragement/ fun with strict commitment to progress, quality and meeting his clients expectations. I am looking forward partnering with Shashi again.”

–              Pieter Kramer, Senior Project Manager,  Ordina Projectmanagement

“Shashi takes you on an informative and especially interactive training in the world of a project manager. Very enlightening and clearly not a punishment but a gift!”

–              Steffi Brodkord, Project Manager, VANAD Group

“Baidjoe is able to lead major projects and feels responsible for the results which he has committed to at acceptance. He has thereby the ability to charm and discipline stakeholders  to stay on the agreed path  and thus to ensure progress. As a person he has a high likeability factor and a warm personality, which he both effectively uses to establish joint commitment in goals and in a well-functioning project team.

With pleasure and with conviction I recommend Shashi Baidjoe as program manager for your company, especially for strategic, complex and challenging projects, where success depends on the ability to achieve goals as a team.”

–              Hugo Suidman, Marketing Director, KPN Mobile

“Shashi Consulting frequently acted as a sounding board for me and my organization from the year 2010 as an independent entrepreneur. His specific knowledge of change processes, coupled with a high empathic ability and orientation towards results ensures his input is very valuable. Shashi Consulting is capable of transforming complex issues into pragmatic advice, while always keeping several stakeholders in mind. He also has affinity with ICT related issues and is quickly to see potential process improvements from ICT.

With great conviction, I recommend you Shashi Consulting as consultant or interim manager for your organization for challenges and issues regarding change and process improvement.”

–              Arnoud Munneke, CFO, VANAD Group

“Shashi is a tough, results-oriented project manager and consultant. In everything he does, he has the end goal in mind and will not divert from it. He is direct and clear. So you know exactly what you can expect from him. Shashi is positive in life and knows to transfer his enthusiasm to others. As a result, people want to work for or with him. Within a short time he built a good relationship with all his stakeholders. This has a positive effect on cooperation and ensures that he is a very popular colleague.

In the future I will be happy to hire Shashi for a new assignment as project manager or consultant.”

–              Ronald Camphuysen, Program Manager, Aegon

“Shashi is a very likeable person with a big drive to make a success out of projects. Indeed, Shashi proves to be successful time and again.”

–              Ellen van der Hijden, Product Manager, Grip on Marketing

“Shashi is very skilled in involving various stakeholders. He will not rest until every stakeholder’s position is known. This benefits the end result.”

–              Machiel van den Heuvel, Proposition Manager Mobile Broadband, KPN

“Your enthusiasm with a big dose of passion ensured we have delivered something beautiful together. Thank you for that!”

–              Wim van der Bol, Operational Manager, Nationale-Nederlanden

“Shashi is a great person and an excellent project manager to collaborate with. He is very social, result oriented and easily takes the lead.”

–              Özgür Sahin, Test Manager, QualIT


“For more than half a year, it was a great pleasure working with you. I have come to know you as a very competent, very friendly and sincerely interested colleague. I’ve noticed that as project manager, you had everything well under control. You encouraged and motivated myself and others to deliver the best results. ”

–              Martin Melessen, Specialist Disability Insurance, Nationale-Nederlanden


“Shashi is a project manager who actually tries to understand the content. This simple fact alone distinguishes him from most project managers I have come across in my career. He makes realistic plans and focuses on a pleasant but persuasive way on (sub-) products to be delivered during the project. Shashi motivates his project staff where necessary and understands project delays if there are legitimate reasons. Shashi is also very socially skilled and thus ensures a pleasant working environment. He foresees very well  when to lower the pressure when he thinks that taking the pressure off will benefit the progress of the project.”

–              Marco van der Zwan, Risk Manager, NIBC

“Shashi is known to me as an experienced project manager, a pleasant personality and is responsible, decisive, clear and emphatic.”

–              Sylvia Sigtenhorst, Manager Operations, Nationale-Nederlanden


“Shashi is a project manager with excellent attention to detail, with a great capacity for organizing and planning. He gives projects clarity and structure. This, together with his calm demeanor makes that his project are all under control. When something seemed to go wrong, he undertook immediate action so that everything is “under control”. Through his personal approach and interest in colleagues, Shashi is a project manager with whom you want to work together. He builds a strong team and this enhances the project results.”

–              Tessa van der Maat, Business Analyst, Nationale-Nederlanden

“I’ve worked with Shashi on a long-term ambitious software project. I know him as a passionate person who is capable to generate a strong sense of belonging to a team. He takes care to tight deadlines and outcomes without losing sight of the human factor. Thanks to his professional guidance and support, the project was completed according to specifications, on time, within budget and with a lot of fun.”

–              Ellert van der Broek, Associate Financial Markets Credit Risk, NIBC

“Shashi is a highly motivated person with good attention to detail who is able to motivate a team to get the job done. I really enjoyed working with him!”

–              Ronald Tan, Test Manager, Logica

“Shashi is a socially driven man. With a constant smile he is still able to get his way and deliver on time. As an added bonus, he organizes social activities such as gaming and / or movie nights, dinners and drinks.”

–              Harmen Witkamp, Strategic Innovation Manager, KPN

“You excel in your positive way of managing IT without losing sight of customer interests and know how to translate this towards IT.”

–              Rinus Hulsker, Information Analyst, Nationale-Nederlanden


“Shashi has a wealth of experience and hence is able to supplement  theory with practical examples. The format and structure of the course and variety of exercises is in balance, leading the content to be digested easily. No time to slack!”

–              Marcel Wouters, Project Manager, VANAD Group

“Interesting and creative way of learning about project management. Thumbs up for intermediate assignments in a team and on individual level!”

–              Ashraf Amrani, Technical Lead, VANAD Group

“Very nice and practical training to learn the basics of project management.”

–              Shirley Cheung, Project Manager, VANAD Group

“Thanks for the informative training, where theory and practice were linked together nicely! It were two fantastic days with a very good, open atmosphere and fun and practical exercises.”

–              Wilco Otten, Project Manager, VANAD Group

“There is extensive use of making both individual and joint assignments, making it easy for me to memorize the content. I loved this aspect! In this way, I can immediately bring the content into practice. Furthermore, I found you enthusiastic and a man with a lot of knowledge”

–              Dagmar Manuhuwa, HRM Consultant, VANAD Group

“A very interesting way of presenting, in which theory is tested between topics so that knowledge of the training is better absorbed”

–              Robert van de Weerd, Planning Specialist, VANAD Group