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At last…boring topic made easy and fun!

Dear reader,

Thank you for making time to visit my site and read my blog!

So who’s this blog intended for? Well, I have YOU in mind:

  • Clients needing expertise on improving their business
  • Project Managers curious about what I have to say on their expertise
  • Professionals such as marketeers or programmers who work with project managers and want to know more about how to manage their project manager
  • People not being a project manager but wanting to know more about the job I do
  • Curious minds

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them proudly ‘I’m a project manager’, I see them piercing through me as if I were swearing at them. Yes, nowadays a secretary is called ‘office manager’, a car mechanic is ‘automobile manager’ and even my cleaning lady refers to herself as ‘manager of dusty affairs’.

So I don’t blame people for giving me either harsh or blank looks when I say what I am. Actually, I think you can compare a project manager with a goalkeeper: when you stop the ball, everybody says ‘oh well, it’s his job, he’s getting paid for that’. But when you let one slip through, everyone sees you as the guilty one.

Still, there are alot of good things to be had as a project manager:

  1. You’ll never be short of work – the world will never run out of project that need managing
  2. Variety is the spice of life – no two projects are exactly the same and there’s always something new to learn
  3. There’s plenty of job satisfaction – especially when you something through to completion
  4. Work is interesting and challenging – you’re busy solving problems, there’s never a dull moment
  5. It’s a people’s business – you get to work for all kinds of interesting people

So let me take you on an easy digestible journey through the life of a project manager in real life. No theoretical stuff here.

Please contribute, share your ideas, comment, let me know what topics you want to read about. I want you to derive value from what you read here.

The content of the articles will vary from topics about ‘how to’ advice towards daily stuff I encounter whilst on the job.
My website and blog will evolve as time goes by. Your feedback for improving this site and the content is very important to me.
Stay tuned, as I will publish an article every other week. I will announce a new entry through my Twitter account and Facebook page.
Thanks and regards,

Shashi Baidjoe